4 Simple Steps – Chain Glucose Molecule

Glucose Regatta - Glucose Molecule - C6H12O6

Glucose C6H12O6

Stick diagram

  • Glucose is a carbohydrate and it is one of the smallest units of sugar
  • Its chemical formula is C6H12O6
  • Glucose are hexoses – 6 carbon sugars
  • In total, there are 24 atoms that form the molecule

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Stick diagram of a glucose structure

Glucose molecular structure -1

Glucose molecule step 1

Step 1:

Draw 6 carbon molecules and draw arms except for the first one


Step 2:

Draw 5 hydrogen to carbon bonds
(4 on one side and 1 on the other)


Step 3:

Fill remaining spaces with ( OH ) group.

* Remember to transpose

( OH ) to —> ( HO ) for the left side to show the oxygen bonded to carbon


Step 4:

Complete the ends with hydrogen bonds and 1 oxygen double bond

Voilà – The glucose molecule stick diagram!

Glucose Molecule - Carbohydrates - Organic Chemistry

Now check the elements. All elements must add up!



6 carbons

12 hydrogens

6 oxygen


Now, try drawing the molecule without referring to the diagram!

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