Teachers are welcome to use the resources on this website for classroom use. You can download and print any topics.

Surfguppy started as a personal project to support my daughter’s journey in learning chemistry, a subject she found very challenging due to its abstract concepts. She spent many hours on homework, mainly trying to look for resources to help her answer the questions. The internet was overwhelmed with information and her textbook was so difficult to understand.

In my quest to find a solution, I started to break down chemistry concepts into simple steps and created funny cartoons and illustrations to engage her young mind. Overtime, my daughter started to enjoy chemistry and ultimately excelled in the subject. Observing this transformation truly inspired me to share the visually-rich notes I had created on this site with teachers and students.

If you’re a teacher, student, or parent, feel free to use the materials here for educational purposes. You can print them too if you wish. And if you’d like to further support the work I do, please visit Viziscience.com, a secondary project I’ve created to provide educators with visual and interactive tools for teaching chemistry


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