Molar Mass

Molar Mass - chemistry

Molar mass is the weight of one mole of any chemical compounds.

Molar Mass - chemistry

How do you calculate molar mass of element (hydrogen)?

Molar mass for an element is simply the atomic mass of the element

hydrogen - atomic mass

Molar mass of hydrogen = atomic mass = 1.008 g/mol

How do you calculate molar mass of compound (water)?

Molar mass for a compound is the sum of atomic masses

The molar mass of water
Molar mass of water = H2O

2(1.008) + 15.999 = 18.015 g/mol

Molar mass of water

How do you calculate molar mass of sugar?


Calculate the molar mass of sugar – C12H22O11

The molar mass or molecular weight
12(12.0107) + 22(1.00794) + 11(15.99994) = 342.29648 g/mole

Atomic mass from the periodic table

Elements Symbol Atomic Mass
Hydrogen H 1.00794
Carbon C 12.0107
Oxygen O 15.9994

Calculate Molar Mass of Sugar

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